Riads in Morocco & Fez

Riads are « Ancient traditional houses » located inside old Morocco city as Fez, Marrakech, Rabat,Meknes,Tanger, Chefchaouen…After being abandoned by many rich families a couple of centuries ago. Riads in Morocco again gained life when bought by very rich Moroccan families, European tourist,investors … in the late 1970′s Riads restored and used like private houses .

Mainly, The interior of Riads in Morocco features lavish ornamentation, ceramic tiles (zalij) in well colorful geometric patterns on floors and walls, carved pierced white stucco work, painted wooden ceilings , shiny polished plaster walls as well.


Each riad in Morocco has a unique identity, infused with the personality and history of the person behind it.For example : The Moroccan city of Fez known for its extraordinary riads used as locations for tourist gatherings, communal areas, hotels, and restaurants. For that we can say that the majority of riads remain their original architectural style even after renovation.

Interestingly, In Morocco there has been a surge in popularity of riads in recent years…As results of This many more riads being restored to their original condition. So, that they are fit either domestic or commercial purposes.

If you decide to have a stay in a riad when visiting Morocco & Fez, Simply, expect a unique unforgettable living experience. you will be welcomed by the owner of Riad and provided with a Quick guided tour of the riad in most cases.

Riads in Morocco are unlike hotel, with many features that you maybe find a difficulty to get used to… Don’t Miss to enjoy roof terraces experience where you can sit and drink a cup of coffee or eat your daily meals.


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