Morocco Safety

Morocco is a lovely country to discover. attractive ruins, original beaches, adorable palaces, picturesque streets and bustling medinas all makes Morocco so diverse and amazing to explore.

However, as other North African, a Muslim country, Daily life in Morocco is different from that in the West country For that may raise some safety concerns for Morocco travelers.

In Morocco There are a few things to be aware of during your stay:

  • Getting lost in winding old medina alleys
  • Getting Guided or hassled by unofficial local guide
  • Be aware of where you choose to try street food
  • Avoid signing papers you do not understand, be sure you have a competent translator or lawyer
  • When walking around the streets, It’s better to keep the valuables you carry to a minimum.
  • Avoid walking alone at night since You’ll never have an idea what lurks around the corner in the medinas. crime is rampant, especially against tourists.
  • Dress conservatively since Morocco is a conservative-Muslim country, and it’s not suitable to wear skimpy clothing, especially for a woman in order to avoid any unwanted attention and conform to local words.
  • Say no to unofficial tour guides since Faux guides abound in tourist hot-spots, hustling to ‘help’ you and earn some commission from souvenir shops
  • Decline all offers of help you don’t want, and exchange a few good-humored remarks but don’t shake hands or get involved in any long conversation.
  • Agree on a price before starting the tour.
  • Give the impression that you know exactly where you’re going,
  • Wear dark sunglasses if you’re starting to lose your cool.
  • In very extreme situations, use the word ‘police ‘& look like really you mean it.

This is an important advice for any country and especially Morocco because it’s the first destination chosen by tourist for holidays tour

Shortly, Morocco is a safe country to discover. Moroccans were known by hospitality and tolerance which makes traveling a much more enjoyable experience.So, Don’t be afraid of traveling to Morocco. Stay calm, look confident and brushing off the cat-call are positive attitudes that help you to make your stay in Morocco perfect.

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